Laboratory of Biological and Biotechnological Applications

Welcome to the Laboratory of Biological and Biotechnological Applications (LBBA) of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Hellenic Mediterranean University.


LBBA focuses research on current topics covering the plant and microbial world based mainly on the exploitation of life sciences. Since its founding year, 1999, it has been in constant contact with research through the utilization of modern biochemistry and molecular biology techniques. It strives to respond to contemporary problems in the rural world by targeting innovation and immediate application by industry or society with respect on the consumer and the environment.


All LBBA members have enough experience and are committed to providing scientific solutions to problems related to production losses due to diseases or abiotic disorders. More specifically, LBBA current research interests are:


  • Metabolic engineering to produce valuable secondary metabolites from various organisms. To this end, rational redesign of existing metabolic pathways, using genetic engineering, is being rationalized to modify or introduce completely new ones.
  • Investigate the biosynthesis and gene regulation of selected secondary metabolites.
  • Genetic mapping and analysis of various organisms to identify and / or study phylogenetic relationships with both traditional and modern methods (Next Generation Sequencing).
  • Genomic analysis of plants and germs - Bioinformatics. Collection, classification, storage and analysis of biochemical and biological data.
  • Biotechnological approaches to the creation of disease-resistant plants and the effective management of biotic and abiotic stresses.


Therefore, it provides an ideal educational environment that prepares undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as young scientists for their establishment in Greece or internationally.
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