Advanced Topics in Networking

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Advanced Topics in Networking

Module Title: Advanced Topics in Networking

Teaching hours: 39
Credits: 7,5
Semester: 1st
Instructor: Dr. Panagiotakis, Dr. Mastorakis, Dr. Vourkas
Course short description

Course Objectives

The main target of Computer Networks module is the specialization on access networks technologies and backbone networks. In this context, the module covers network architectures, hierarchies of protocols and basic functions of network standards. Network design and management issues are also covered.

Indicative Syllabus

Introduction. Wired access networks: PSTN, xDSL, ISDN, LAN. Wireless access networks: cellular networks, WLANs, WMANs, broadcasting networks. Backbone networks: Digital hierarchies, Ethernet WANs, Optical networks.
Access to IP based services through telephony networks. Fixed-Mobile Convergence. Systems architectures. Layers of operation and Medium Access Control (MAC).
Network layer: IPv4, IPv6, IGP (OSPF), BGP, ARP. IP QoS, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Differentiated Services (DiffServ), Integrated Services (IntServ). Seamless mobility and mobile IP. Intranets. Routing algorithms, congestion control algorithms. Link state routing, distance vector routing, broadcast routing, multicast algorithms, stochastic routing algorithms, QoS routing. rerouting.
Network design. Challenges of wireless and wired networks design. Algorithms and software packages for network design.
Cognitive Radio networks and architectures, dynamic spectrum access, resource allocation in cognitive radio networks.
Design and development of MIBs. Design and development of network management applications. Managers, agents, based on SNMP. MIBs data processing.

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[4]    Selected research papers

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