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Advances in Electronic science and technology with an emphasis on Telecommunications, Automation, Control Systems, Computers, and Informatics are rapid, and demand continuous contact and adaptation to the new cutting-edge technologies.

The mission of the Electronic Engineering Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University is to provide high-level education in the fields of Electronic Engineering, as well as to promote science and technology through basic and applied research.

The Department of Electronic Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University integrates its educational mission in the context of a long-term effort to reform, upgrade, and modernize the curriculum and education it offers, in an attempt to align them with the current reality, as formed in the academic, technological, scientific, research, professional, and cultural fields.

It should be noted that the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University seeks to maintain a prominent position in the national Higher Education field, as well as in the field of international educational and research development. It achieves this by introducing modern teaching methods; renewing and updating its curriculum; expanding its scientific staff based on the principles of interdisciplinarity and specialization, and therefore attracting excellent scientists and researchers of high prestige; as well as by modernizing, upgrading, and strengthening its infrastructure in many different ways, with emphasis on its laboratory, teaching, and research equipment. It constantly strives towards achieving high-quality educational, technical, and research output.

Upon completion of their studies, the graduates of the Department of Electronic Engineering will have acquired: a) an in-depth understanding of and full specialization in the science of Electronic Engineering, and b) all necessary scientific and technological knowledge and skills in the fields of Electronics, Telecommunications, Networks, Automation, Computers, Informatics, and Optoelectronic Technologies. For this reason, the graduates of the Department of Electronic Engineering, with their specialized knowledge and laboratory experience, are able to work independently and/or in collaboration with other scientists to promote the study, research, and application of technology in the contemporary and specialized field of electronics, both in the private and public sector.


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