The H.M.U. is particularly active when it comes to conducting research. The University’s research policy focuses on basic, technological, or applied research that promotes science and development, while respecting academic ethics. At the same time, it promotes cooperation with national and international educational and research institutions. As a result, a wide network of research collaborations has developed, which is continuously supported through the implemented Research and Development projects, the cooperation with Research Centers of international prestige, as well as the interaction and cooperation with corporations and the private sector in general.

The H.M.U. has achieved top performance and recognition among its peers.

Students have many opportunities to actively participate in research and development programs.

A significant number of research and development programs are being realized in the H.M.U. under the management framework of the Special Research Fund Account and the Research Committee. These projects strengthen basic research, research applications, and innovation in general, while assisting in the dissemination of H.M.U.’s research results to society and industry. They also significantly contribute to the creation of a connection between research and education, as well as lifelong learning and training.